_logo2_kamaKAMA is ukrainian company, with main offices located in Kyiv, and production facilities – in Poltava.
The company manufactures and distributes products for natural nutrition.

Many years of manufacturing experience, plus the modern equipment, as well as knowledge and understanding of customer needs enables us to produce high quality, safe and healthy products.
Company history dates back to March 7, 1994 with the launch of the first production line of packed sunflowi20150716143001-images-4er oil.
Starting with the release of the production activity of one kind of packed sunflower oil, today the company KAMA has mastered the production of seven types of vegetable oils under the brand KAMA® and ANRI®. As the largestproducer of blended oil in Ukraine, the company is constantly thinking about the consumer, producing a wide range of the highest quality prod
ucts, allowing to cook dishes that not only look beautiful and appetizing, but also combine taste and health.