We offer our partners and customers:

  • convenient location of our warehouses   within the city and at a distance of 5 km from Kiev, near the southern and western highways for which there are the major traffic flows of goods from abroad and on the territory of Ukraine;
  • logistics services for our clients are carried out on modern warehouse class “A”, with the support of the professional WMS system, with the assistance of specially trained personnel;
  • transparent accounting of inventories and reporting to clients.


Our company ensures and guarantees the safekeeping of your goods on the principle of multi-level control and safety systems.

Warehouse complex class “A” provide a modern video surveillance system, temperature and humidity control, fire fighting and security service as inside the warehouse and in the complex.

Warehouse services (warehouse rental, handling, etc.) are provided to the client in our warehouses of class “B” in Kiev, and in 5 km below the city to Zhitomir highway.

The company manages the fleet of 15 trucks which delivery in Kiev and the region at any time of the day.