Individual logistics solutions


We always take cue for characteristic of our partners business  and make individual decisions based on non-standard factors and circumstances.

Our specialists are ready to provide the following services:

  • customs clearance of goods, safekeeping – placing it in custody in a warehouse for a period of 1 week, the division of the goods, in the formation of  pallets comlex , transport of goods on the instructions of the client in Kiev and regions of Ukraine;
  • acceptance of goods for safekeeping, packaging, promotional kits for activities, put product bar codes or other information, the transportation of goods;
  • sort goods, repacking of goods in a new type of packaging for transportation outlets;
  • acceptance of an archive for warehouse, disposal on expiration archive.

Exceptions are dangerous goods (hazard class 7 or lower), perishable goods that require temperature or frozen, with a pungent smell, or require special storage conditions.