Подбор_персоналаHow send resume

Send us your personal information to v.smolina (@) or through the form “send resume”. If there is no expected  vacancy you can send  your CV to the address or form, show the expected position in  the subject line.

Don’t forget describe the desired functionality, your skills and experience in cover letter.


The selection process can contain several meeting with head of the personnel department, the head of the department   which have open vacancy and with other employees of our company. We expect a detailed information about applicant’s knowledge, experience and achievements. It is important to understand  strengths and areas for development.

Testing and case
We test employees for employment in our company. The content of the test depends on the proposed job and the level of competence expected of a future employee.
The applicant has the opportunity show their presentational and analytical abilities at the presentation of the case.
HR manager gives feedback by phone or email after the individual interview or test.  At the meeting the applicant will be informed about  when the answer will be given.