makfa“Makfa” is one of the largest processing ventures in Russia, located in the Southern Urals. It is a sustainable innovative company that employs a team of professionals possessing both creative and entrepreneurial potential and success-oriented.

“Makfa” is one of the few Russian ventures with a complete production cycle, including its own grounds, powerful processing complex, and state-of-the-art production and packaging lines. The venture is listed in the Top-10 world’s largest manufacturers of pasta.

Pasta under the “Маkfа” and “Grand di Pasta” trademarks is manufactured using state-of-the-art Italian equipment, out of the best grades of durum wheat cultivated on the company’s own agricultural grounds.makaronnie-izdeliya-obrashchaem-vnimanie-na-markirovku-1036-42411

Only natural ingredients of the highest quality are used in the production of “Makfa” pasta, with no colorants or preservatives added. In the manufacture of multicolored pasta we use only natural additives, such as tomatoes, spinach and powdered eggs.

From the field to the dining-table – “Makfa” carefully tracks the product quality at each stage. To do so, it has established and is operating the company’s own Quality Service with a number of specially equipped laboratories. All products are certified.